Whistler – “Your Solution for Fabrication”
Punching, Notching, Alignment, Workholding, Deburring

S. B. Whistler & Sons

We have developed and patented the first reusable Modular Die System for punching and notching and since 1917, has been an industry leader in development of new tooling technologies for sheet metal stamping. Whistler Adjustable, Magna Die 2000 and XimmiX Modular Die Systems incorporate innovative, patented features that meet and exceed today’s standards for accuracy, quality and reliability.

Worldwide Service

With customers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Whistler can furnish complete turnkey systems for automating your mechanical or hydraulic presses. Services include consultation on equipment selection and adaptation, tooling systems and setup for your sheet metal production.Whistler works closely with its customers to provide the best tooling solution in the shortest possible time. Dedication to quality, fast delivery and responsive service are the cornerstones of our success.

Servicing the Fabrication Industry for over 95 Years

S. B. Whistler & Sons, Inc. was founded in 1917 as a custom die shop and manufacturer of special jigs and fixtures. Back in 1933, Whistler developed, introduced and patented the world’s first reusable die system for punching and notching sheet metal – a technology that focused international attention on the company and revolutionized the metal stamping industry.

That original, nearly 70-year old technology – now known as the Adjustable Die system – continues to enjoy wide use by leading manufacturers throughout the country. Today, our Magna Die ® and XimmiX ® products represent the second and third generations of modular hard dies, providing worldwide metal fabricators the unparalleled advantages of flexible productivity – with punching solutions that are simple, reusable and affordable.